Life Cycle Services
“John Fair contributes to the LCS (Life Cycle Services) new business drive in the computer channel and covers the whole of the country.
The successes that he has had to date include, but not exclusively contracts with Siemens, Capita, Computerland, Basilica and SoftCat, amongst others.
He is one of our key team members and during that time I have found John to be both extremely credible, capable and an asset to the business we work together in.”
John Fenton
May 2006
I worked together with John Fair for around 2 years at CPC. In that time we formulated a number of strategic and tactical sales campaigns to increase both sales revenues and margin contribution. These were predominately around the services that we could offer both to the local area and beyond including Disaster Recovery and the now renowned CPC2003 (an all encompassing service contract)
Over this period of time through John’s guidance and mentoring we managed to not only bring more sales to the company but also increase the margin dramatically and get the majority of service contracts paid up front to increase the cash flow!
There is no hesitation on my part in recommending John Fair to any organisation wishing to embrace a culture of increased activity leading to long term increased sales and profitability
Steve Higgins
August 2004
“The most important thing is the contribution you made to Solsoft.
Your vision immediately injected a purpose and a direction, you motivated the whole company to have a faith in themselves, and believe in what they could achieve.  It is very likely to happen, thanks to you.”
Peter Kirsen
December 2002
John Fair was my first Sales Director at intY and his inspirational leadership shaped my following successful sales career.  Not only was he extremely motivational and supportive to all team members at all levels but also very creative when we needed that extra reason to encourage our customer to order.  John Fair's strengths are in his sharp commercial awareness and business acumen - he has a marvelous ability to both look at the wider macro picture when qualifying an opportunity whilst using his astute sense of paying great attention to micro detail, which often proves vital in clarifying the feasibility of the opportunity as a whole.  His organisational skills are second to none and his teams operate like clockwork through the simple but effective procedures he puts into place.  His memory is scary!!!
Everyone loves John Fair - the office lights up when he enters the room as not only is he all of the above but also great fun with a marvelous sense of humour .
Lorraine Roberts
June 2001
Messaging Direct
“I worked with John at Messaging Direct for 1 year, during which time he transformed an essentially technical organisation to a thriving commercial business.
John achieved this with his immense enthusiasm, professionalism and approachability. It would have been very easy for him to bring in a "team of old acquaintances" but instead he worked with what he was given and delivered the required result.
John would be a great asset to any business that he gets involved with because in his mind "Failure is not an Option".
Mark Timberlake
December 1999
“I worked with John at Osmosis for 4 years, during which time he added an enormous amount of respectability, accountability and organisation to a very entrepreneurial organisation.
Firstly, John is very organised and focussed who manages to make the more complicated issues simple to understand and achieve.
At the time our work force was inexperienced and immature and John brought
structure, sales skills and a considerable amount of personality and character to the team. As Marketing Director I found it very frustrating dealing with a sales team that didn't understand or appreciate strategies, who constantly switched focus and were unable to maximise the relationships and opportunities that were being developed. John's wider experience and influence helped turn this around and created a joint sales and marketing force that took a company turning over approx. £36 million, to one that had key strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Intel, Sony, LG Electronics and turned over in excess of £200 million.
He could walk into any organisation and add value, spirit and character. He builds relationships, and bridges, with colleagues and customers alike and I would not hesitate in giving him as glowing a reference as possible.”
Alex Campbell
May 1999
“At my time at Xerox John held several positions ranging from Training Manager, Business Development Manager, through to Sales Manager.
During this time John was recognised by Xerox with several awards and Honours Club trips, these are only awarded for exceeding company targets and personal goals, something John made a habit of!
With these qualities, and his track record, John would be an asset to any business.”
Tony Protts
September 1983
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